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Sunday, 2 April 2017

How do you save money converting to LED?

If you had 10 50 watt Halogen bulbs in your kitchen that is a combined wattage or power usage of 500 watts.Each hour these 10 lights consume is 0.5kWh.Based on a energy providers typical unit price of 13p per kWh, the 10 lights will cost you around 6.5 pence per hour, at 10hrs use a day the cost is 65 pence, which is £4.55p a week,and £237 per year.

Now if you switched these lights to LED Lights at 5 watts per lamp,which also has the same if not more better light output than the 50 watt Halogen bulbs, you will cut your bills dramatically. 

The 10 LED bulbs at 5 watt per bulb will have a combined power usage of 50 watts or 0.05kWh, using the same calculations as before, an hours use will cost you 0.6 pence per hour,at 10hrs use a day the cost is 6.5 pence , 45.5 pence a week and £23.70 a year.

LED Lighting lasts a very long time, under an EU rule ,LED Lighting should have a minimum life span of 6000 hours, however, manufactures have made their LED lights last for around 50,000 hours.

Not only have you reduced your energy,but you have also saved money on not buying or replacing bulbs.
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So now you know..what are you waiting for? convert your old lighting system now.