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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why LED Lighting is good for retail

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LED Lighting 
Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to retail. LED Lighting can reduce your energy usage and help boost your sales.LED Lights can highlight key features of your store and highlight the products to its full potential.
LED Lighting is the best and most energy efficient system on the market today.LED Lighting is a good choice when it comes to lighting and the bigger your store the more savings you will make a year. LED Lighting can offer a lot more than just reducing your energy bills.

LED Lighting has dramatically improved and has been tested over time, LED has advanced so much that you can choose the colour temperature of the light output that will work for you. Daylight or Cool White would be the best colour choice for retail. Research has shown that the brightness of the light can make people feel awake, effect their moods and increase productivity of of your staff.

A customers first impressions count and this will determine whether or not they enter your store.Research has also shown that more customers will enter your store by just having better lighting, passers by are more attracted to enter the store if your lights were brighter, opposed to having duller lights.

A good reason to choose Cool White or Daylight if you sell jewellery the right colour temperature will produce the best sparkle from your jewellery. LED Lighting provide a better quality light and have a high colour rendering index compared to conventional lighting systems.Colour Rendering Index or(CRI) cast a more flattering light that will make customers feel and look better in the clothes/jewellery that they are trying on.Certified LED Lighting Installer